LQID is undergoing regulatory authorisation to become a bank
The following pages outline our vision for the future
Every day banking
A full-service bank that will make life smoother

LQID will make managing your day-to-day spending clear and simple

We will use smart technologies to help you build wealth.

Instant notifications, saving recommendations and budgeting tools will always be at hand (well, on your smartphone)

LQID will make technology work for you. And banking a bit smoother.

Every big decision
LQID branches will breathe life into your community

LQID will be there when you make life’s big decisions.

Whether buying a car or house, getting married, or growing your business, LQID will help you achieve your goals.

And we know sometimes you’ll really need to speak to a person –an app just isn’t enough.

LQID digital branches will make it easier to sit down, have a chat – and make life better.

Every little question
Available 24/7, LQID’s team will provide the help you need

Banking can sometimes be complicated. We want to make it smoother.

LQID will be with you every step to answer your questions – sometimes techie, sometimes about your money.

Our expert advisors will be contactable any time of the day (or night). We will fit around you.

By instant message, or talk on audio or video – whatever makes you comfortable. LQID will be just a click away.